My Specialty
I'm a game illustrator and concept designer. Employing visual images, I give my audience a brand-new emotional experience. The world I create may either resemble everyday life or be synthetic. No matter what the world is, what I try to attain is that the observer wants to return to the world they virtually visit. I create environment concepts so that every player can submerge into the game's atmosphere. On the other hand, I craft graphics so that every observer can feel out the story the artwork depicts.

I try to address the question, "What can it look like?", profoundly. My project starts with picking a style and general visual solution. After that, I design scenes, characters, and specific elements. I offer solutions that can help a designer or modeler with a problem related to an element's appearance in the project.

What you can commission
You can commission environment and character concepts, title screen graphics, and key art. Besides, it would be a pleasure to me to illustrate a board game or book. All that is my passion. If you feel interested in cooperation, reach out to me (see Contacts) and tell me about your project.

What I appreciate in artwork
In art design, I'm totally keen on laconic and clear solutions. For me, a perfect work is a work that has nothing to take away. I give the highest priority to the abstract entity, considering it way more weighty than the subject. Speaking of, I'm convinced the character's shape and proportions can tell a lot more than their face features and details.
In a picture, what matters to me is not the uniqueness of a plot but how accurately and comprehensively the artwork can convey it. What I value is when a work implies little cultural context and employs versatile images recognizable for any observer, no matter their national specifics. As far as I'm concerned, stylization should be appropriate as an artistic device to convey the image, or a result of technical limitation. To this very end, stylization should not be used for the sake of stylization—i.e. to make the work artificially unique.
What carries the sense is not a device itself but how and why it is used. Deep knowledge and honed skills in using a device can make the whole process way more efficient. At the end, it's not the point how the work is made—in pencil, 3D, or digital painting. What is the point is the artistic effect—the emotions it causes to burst.
As any other artist, I appreciate freedom and loyal restrictions. I love tasks subject to vague definitions, where I'm the person who navigates the client. However, I always realize project restrictions and can follow the assignment.

What inspires me
I derive mighty inspiration from nature and the world. What I see I always try to capture, on paper or canvas. Sometimes, a study drawn from nature can set the atmosphere for a scene or even the entire project. One of my passions is diving. An underwater world, full of shapes and colors, swirling and ever-changing life, is what gives me inexhaustible inspiration. Everything human creates in visual arts, sculpture, and architecture—sparks my interest and gives me hints in producing my own works. With a degree in classic arts, I feel pretty confident in realism. I'm also quite fond of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Constructivism, and specific lines of abstract art.

What I appreciate in people and colleagues
I greatly value mutual respect, rapport, and enough wisdom to admit that all people are unique. It's a pleasure to me to work shoulder to shoulder to true enthusiasts of what they do. I feel cozy when the hierarchy fades, yielding the road to everyone's personal traits. What heartens me is talking and discussing issues frankly, with people focused on problem-solving.

My favorite games
Here are some of the games I love and why I admire them.

L.A. Noir. Unprecedented character appearance and interaction design, accurate depiction of the national spirits and post-war Los Angeles environment. Stories told by characters sound extremely natural.

Heavy Rain. Breathtaking plot and environment. Moreover, the developers could complement such a sophisticated and saturated game with a variety of endings.

Journey. Unique style, symbolism, and meditation vibes.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Immense and diverse open world, perfectly-balanced style, coziness, and love of life.

Dark Souls. Authors' fertile imagination and picturesque esthetics of the decline.

Civilization. Incredibly variative and engaging. Cultivates interest in history. My life-long game.

Machinarium. Eye-pleasing and off-beat graphics, heartwarming plot, and brilliant-taste music.

The games I love to work on are not always the games I love to play. But, when a game falls within both categories, it gives tons of pleasure and brings even more inspiration.